High School Team Runs onto Field Carrying American Flags

Fannin County sits on the northern border of Georgia. It’s an area that has grown in recent years, cultivating a boom in tourism and folks who relocate to the mountains. There are plenty of beautiful sights up there and lots of places to get lost and enjoy the natural beauty of God’s creation.

It’s also an area of tight community. My dad grew up there, and I still have family in that area. Many of the people there, especially those who have been there a long time, love God, family, and their country, as evidenced by the show of patriotism and unity put on by the Fannin County High School football team this past weekend.

Before their game against Greater Atlanta Christian School on Friday night, the team ran out onto the field carrying American flags.

Superintendent Michael Gwatney said the “patriotic display” was organized by the team, coaches and parents.

“It was an awesome and unifying moment for the audiences on both sides of our stadium and reminded us that no matter what team we support, we are all Americans,” he said.

The players carried the flags as a show of support for veterans as well as those currently serving in the armed forces, including one recent graduate who played football there and is now serving in the military.

Fannin County may have lost the game, but they won the hearts of everyone in attendance Friday night.

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