Viking Pundit offers this tidbit about the DNC’s censorship.

Via Instapundit comes this story of comment censorship on the Democratic National Committee’s web log (partial excerpt):

I posted a second response comment [on the DNC blog], very lucid, no ranting or profanity. Immediately following my second comment, a new poster who identified himself as a Democrat opined that if the Dems could merely offer up a candidate with a credible National Security agenda, he would happily vote for him/her. As of 8 o’clock this evening, both of my comments have been deleted from the blog and my login has been disabled. They even pulled the comment from the registered Democrat in search of a viable candidate. This is their idea of tolerance, inclusion, The Party of the People. They should be selling some nice brownshirts at the DNC online giftshop.

I knew this day would come. A couple of months ago, after the launch of the George W. Bush re-election website, the rabble at the DNC Blog complained bitterly about how the GWB Blog doesn’t allow for comments. Here’s the original post (I saved it just for this day) about the Bush Blog and at least one apropos statement:

Actually, what would be typical for that crowd is to allow comments until you say something off message, at whcich time they erase your posts and block your IP address. Now that would be a Republican blog.

Oh sweet irony! Actually, that’s the perfect definition of the Democratic blog, Mike D. And before you bemoan the comment block on the GWB Blog, allow me to paraphrase a famous proverb: Better to block comments and be labeled a censor, than to delete comments and remove all doubt.

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