Hilarious! Mike Lee Educates Ted Cruz On The Benefits Of Socialism

In advance of last night’s epic showdown between Senator Ted Cruz and a crazy old man, Senator Mike Lee offered to help his colleague from Texas prepare for the coming debate.

“Hey @SenTedCruz, if you need help preparing for your #Obamacare debate tonight with @SenSanders, you can borrow this book. #CNNDebateNight

The Utah senator’s tweet contained a video of himself in his office retrieving a book entitled The Benefits of Socialism.  The book is self-described as “the most complete list of the benefits of leftist policy ever assembled.”  Senator Lee then sits down and thumbs through this comprehensive collection of communistic conceptions to make sure his friend is well versed on the upside of socialism.

Every single page in the book is blank.

And now you too are educated on the benefits of socialism.


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