Hill Hath No Fury Like Trump Scorned

Rush Limbaugh has often said that if you set out a flaming bag of excrement, Democrats would happily go out of their way to step on it.  A sizeable contingent of NFL players have also taken that strange fetish to heart, as they continue to take a knee during the national anthem to protest. . .well, at this point it’s anybody’s guess, although the consensus seems to lie somewhere between police brutality and Donald Trump calling them sonofabitches.  Never mind that their antics tend to reenforce the president’s opinion in the minds of most reasonable Americans.  At this point the die has been cast, the Rubicon crossed, the pooch screwed—and the players have gone all-in on a dismal hand, not realizing that what they’ve got in the hole is even worse than what’s on the table.

This particular movement reached its nadir when Eric Reid of the San Francisco 49ers channeled his inner Colin Kaepernick last Sunday, saying that Vice President Mike Pence had engaged in “systematic oppression” when he walked out out Lucas Oil Stadium after half the field took the hoisting of Old Glory as their cue to drop faster than Harvey Weinstein’s trousers during auditions for Shakespeare in Love.  I don’t know about y’all, but I would welcome the kind of oppression that comes with a $100 grand-per-game paycheck—but never mind.  It was more important that a grown man who gets chased around by 300-pound defensive tackles got to express his feelz, even if he alienated what’s left of his team’s already dwindling fan base.  Hint, Eric:  San Fran is filled with liberals, but most of them don’t watch football.

Anyhoo, after all of this nonsense, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones apparently reached his limit and told his players that anyone who disrespected the flag during the national anthem would get benched.  Out here in Normal America, there was much rejoicing.  Over at ESJWPN, however, there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth—which led the outspoken SportsCenter anchor Jemele Hill to tweet the following:

Ouch!  A sports reporter encouraging people to boycott the companies who advertise with the Dallas Cowboys?  Why, most of those companies advertise on ESPN too!  How incredibly brave of them to allow their employee to take such a principled stand, even if it costs them desperately-needed ad revenue.  Bravo, ESPN!  Bravo!

Wait, what?  ESPN isn’t doing that?  Oh, right!  Their subscriptions are in the toilet, so they need all the money they can get.  Sorry, Jemele.  That’s a two week suspension for you.  Yeah, we let it slide when you tweeted that Donald Trump was a white supremacist, but this is business.  I’m sure you understand.

Trump, meanwhile, seems to be savoring Hill’s comeuppance like a well-done, ketchup-covered filet:

Sure, he could be more gracious in victory—but that wouldn’t be near as much fun, would it?

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