Hillary Campaign Tries to Troll Trump and Fails Miserably

As some of my classmates, teachers, and Twitter followers over the years can no doubt attest, I have a strong appreciation for the art of trolling.  In fact, it is probably one of the numerous reasons why two of the nationally prominent conservatives I most respect are Erick Erickson and Ben Shapiro—two folks who, in addition to being incisive pundits and ideologically well-grounded in conservative first principles, have a long history of successfully trolling the Left.  To be perfectly candid, this appreciation for trolling probably also has at least a little bit to do with my being as big a fan of Ted Cruz’s as I am.

I really do appreciate sincere trolling efforts.  But when trolling goes poorly, it can go very, very poorly.  Cue this utterly botched attempt at Twitter trolling today by Hillary Clinton’s campaign staff in going after HillDog’s old pal and erstwhile donor, Donald Trump.

You can click the tweet and see, but the Trump tweet that Hillary was responding to was, “Obama just endorsed Crooked Hillary.  He wants four more years of Obama—but nobody else does!”

Yes, I know that the Hillary tweet was not signed “-H,” and thus was sent by some hapless Clinton campaign underling.  (In fact, I can almost guarantee that such a technologically inept person as Hillary “do I wipe servers ‘like with a cloth or something‘” Clinton has no clue that “delete your account” is actually a long-running Twitter meme.)  But yes, it is still an objectively stupid tweet for the campaign to write whilst its candidate wrestles with that whole national security-undermining, lawbreaking, email-scrubbing thing.  As a friend noted to me, the Clinton account might have instead tweeted back, “Wipe your server.”

Whichever lackey in the Clinton world thought it was a good idea to try to troll the opponent by recommending the deletion of Internet communications surely must be naively unaware of the fact that their candidate might be federally indicted for doing precisely that.  A remedial lesson or two in Internet trolling is surely needed.  A good first rule would probably be, “don’t say anything that makes you look like an unbelievably hypocritical, tone-deaf ignoramus.”

The election for the highest office in the free world is currently being fought between, on the one hand, a narcissistic vulgarian whose carnival sideshow campaign embodies the love child of a Breitbart.com comments section and a New York Post “Page Six” gossip column, and, on the other hand, a shamelessly corrupt, scandaltorn cronyist whose botched Libya intervention and subsequent Benghazi meltdown is itself singularly disqualifying.  And, in doing so, these two fraudsters are resorting to petty “gotcha” tweets—some of which, as Hillary’s today, are almost comically clueless.  Well done, American voters.

One advantage of being avowedly both #NeverTrump and #NeverHillary is the ability to get some kind of schadenfreude from this sad ordeal.  To borrow from an aforementioned accomplished troll, to call this entire election season a dumpster fire would hardly suffice.

UPDATE: Trump has responded as only Trump can.

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