FILE - In this June 7, 2016 file photo, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton gestures as she greets supporters in New York. Opera singer Renee Fleming says she would like to work with Clinton on her voice, which she described as “a little harsh” at times. Fleming spoke with the Chicago Tribune on Wednesday, June 10, 2016 about the Democratic presidential nominee and how she would teach Clinton to use depth to increase the impact of her speeches. The creative consultant to the Lyric Opera says that criticisms of Clinton's voice often come from a place of sexism and that “there's a sensitivity there with women.” (AP Photo/Julio Cortez File)

Hillary Clinton Comes In First For A Change

After coming in second to Donald Trump in 2016, Hillary Clinton has apparently decided to come in first place when it comes to politicizing the mass shooting in Las Vegas last night.

Dispensing with the formality of waiting for actual information to come in, the Smartest Woman in America deployed the same razor sharp instincts that made her such a force on the campaign trail when she tweeted the following:

So far, so good—but then she couldn’t leave well enough alone, and had to indulge in this dark little fantasy:

Yes, imagine, she said, rubbing her hands together with ghoulish delight.  Too bad her understanding of how suppressors work comes straight out of a Michael Bay movie, but never mind.

Hillary wasn’t finished, though:

Put our politics aside—by injecting politics into a tragedy for the purpose of pushing gun control?  Either the person who runs Hillary’s Twitter feed is completely bereft of irony, or Madame Secretary has been hitting the Chardonnay a wee bit early today.

My advice would be to put the phone down and give it a rest.  The country doesn’t need any more reminders of why she blew an election that was hers to lose.

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