Hillary Clinton Hates The Media So Much She Started Her Own Podcast

Hillary Clinton doesn’t like talking to the press. She hasn’t held a press conference all year. The media doesn’t seem to care though – they’re much more consumed with fact-checking every single word that comes out of Donald Trump’s mouth. The media masochism has been present during the Obama administration, where Ben Rhodes and the rest of the administration treats the press with disdain and they, for the most part, take it willingly. But 2016 has taken it to a new level.

Clinton is taking to the podcast world to speak her mind. But not in the “screw you, media” way that President Barack Obama did when he went to Marc Maron’s garage for a long interview, bypassing actual journalists for similar interviews and instead choosing a friendly forum for discussion. Hillary Clinton took it one step further – she launched her own podcast, along with Max Linsky, who runs the Longform podcast. This propaganda podcast got front page treatment from iTunes for the launch (and as someone who has a podcast he’s trying to get an audience for, I know how important and difficult it is to land that prime real estate!).

The podcast kicked off with the first comments from Clinton on the recently released Judicial Watch emails indicating a connection between the Clinton Foundation and her State Department. Just kidding. Here’s what we did learn though:

What was going through Hillary Clinton’s mind when she stepped back from the podium before her speech at the DNC? – There was “such a rush of emotion” and “it was truly one of the most moving experiences of my life.” Her interviewer asked if she was also thinking “I can’t believe this happened” and indeed it was “exactly” what she was thinking.

Hillary Clinton does, in fact, use an alarm clock – The interviewer “heard a rumor” Clinton doesn’t use an alarm clock. But she does, actually, use an alarm clock (although she sometimes wakes up BEFORE her alarm clock goes off).

Hillary Clinton’s to-do list is “long” – When Clinton wakes up in the morning, she checks her email. She also has a very long to-do list on paper, in her phone and in her head.

When Hillary Clinton meets people, sometimes the people she meet stick with her – When you meet people, sometimes do they stick with you, asked her interviewer? Yes, actually they do sometimes, and it’s “one of the best parts of being in a campaign,” according to Clinton.

Hillary Clinton would like some Cuban food before she leaves Miami – “What’s the best case scenario for dinner tonight?” asked her interviewer in closing. Cuban sandwich and a beer, it sounds like.

This is the first of many podcasts to come from Hillary Clinton’s Ministry of Information. So while she continues to ignore the media (and they continue to give her a default pass so they can dissect the secret codes present in Donald Trump’s verbal diarrhea), stay tuned for more insight from the only place to get Clinton info, her own podcast.

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