Hillary Clinton Is Too Dumb to be President

It is not just that she is corrupt. It is not just that she is committed to killing kids. It is also that she really is too dumb to be President.

Turns out Hillary Clinton had been plotting a more expansive war in Syria that would have destabilized and carved up Iraq. More emails have been uncovered that show Clinton wanted to get ISIS out of Syria then continue on against the Assad regime. As Streiff at RedState notes

This is lunacy on so many levels. The reason Saudi Arabia and Qatar are funding ISIS is as a counterweight to Iranian influence. It is a falling out of Islamic radicals. They have no incentive to respond to US pressure because the survival of their regimes are at stake. We can’t operate in the region without access to their bases. Note how Clinton blithely elides over expanding the war in Syria once ISIS is defeated. Her endgame remains the overthrow of the Assad regime in Syria. A regime that has the backing of Russia and Turkey and Iran. A regime for which there is no logical successor government to fill the vacuum. Was she in a drunken stupor in 2003-2004?

Clinton plans to address the concerns of all our regional allies and pseudo-allies using fairy dust and unicorn farts

She is oblivious about the consequences of her actions.

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