Hillary Clinton Might Have Knowingly Lied to a Federal Court

The Wikileaks documents have revealed some interesting information. One piece of information revealed may be increasingly problematic to Hillary Clinton, especially if she wins on Election Day. To a federal court, Clinton issued a sworn declaration that, to the best of her knowledge, she had turned over all relevant emails that still existed.

On the very same day, Hillary Clinton’s lawyer emailed that, in fact, there were emails that had not been turned over.

Kendall warned the campaign leadership that using the March 18, 2009 date in a public statement about Clinton’s compliance with the lawsuit was a potential “gotcha” because they were aware of emails that existed prior to the date on her private email server accounts.

“I would prefer not to use the ‘March 18, 2009’ date, because we know there were other emails using the her clintonemail.com address prior to that date,” Kendall wrote.

I am sure Democrats will hang their hat on Clinton’s knowledge — what did she know and not know about the status of emails — but this is more than a little problematic, especially considering Huma Abedin’s email situation. Like with Nixon, it is not the crime, but the coverup, that brings down most politicians. It appears increasingly likely that Team Clinton intentionally and willfully engaged in a coverup and CYA of emails.

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