Hillary Clinton Needs to Forcefully Condemn This

When Donald Trump’s supporters punched and harassed protestors, Hillary Clinton and the Democrats were very quick to blame Donald Trump for egging the people on. In fact, even some Republicans including Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz called out Donald Trump for his behavior and statements.

Last night at a Trump event, one of Trump’s supporters was surrounded by left-wing protestors. They threw eggs at the Trump supporter and bottles at her head.

This is unacceptable violence. Donald Trump did nothing last night to provoke this behavior. The lady in question did nothing to provoke this behavior. It is unacceptable.

In the past twenty-four hours, Democrats have begun targeting prominent donors to Donald Trump for public shaming and have now started assaulting Trump supporters.

Hillary Clinton and, frankly, Bernie Sanders need to forcefully condemn this behavior just as they demanded Donald Trump denounce his supporters’ behavior months ago.

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