Hillary Clinton’s Tweets Are A Sign of Society in Decay

The Las Vegas monster is not a sign of society in decay. There has always been evil and there always will be evil. We cannot legislate away evil and, in fact, much of the evil of the twentieth century derived from political leaders deciding to stamp out what they defined as evil.

We will never be rid of evil. Even society at its peak will see evil descend and cause harm.

But Hillary Clinton’s tweets yesterday were a sign of society in decay. A press corps that has demanded President Trump act presidential witnessed him playing the role of President. Some, like David Frum, decried his statement as hypocritical. But most, like John King of CNN, acknowledged the President was being presidential. While I get Frum’s point, I think his column assailing the President’s statement is proof that President Trump cannot win in some quarters. Were he to give a bombastic speech, he’d be attacked for not working to heal the nation. If he works to heal the nation, he is attacked for not really meaning it.

Nonetheless, the real drama was with Hillary Clinton who was positively Trumpian in her response. While President Obama was offering thoughts and prayers for the dead and their families, Hillary Clinton was attacking the NRA.

I am unaware of any data that suggests the assailant was a member of the NRA. And there are a ton of unanswered questions including, but not limited to, why did ISIS claim responsibility when organizationally it does not unless it really had a role and why was the monster sending money to the Philippines where ISIS has a presence?

But Clinton could not be bothered with that. She attacked the NRA for pushing legislation that would make owning silencers easier. She clearly has never fired one and those like her who oppose the legislation do not know what they are talking about. I dare them to come to a gun range with me as I fire my silencer. I’ll wear ear protection and they can go without.

The sign of societal decay is not a monster doing evil, but a good person seeing tragedy and immediately descending into politicization and blame casting. The monster was to blame, not the NRA. And the facts are still very much unknown, so all the claims of discussing policy are really just politicizing tragedy to get a leg up on preferred policy.

It is not healthy for a society when a Secretary of State and Presidential candidate can declare a widely supported group responsible for mass murder when that group had nothing to do with the murder. Her reaction was on the same level of what the left routinely declares President Trump guilty of. And those cheering her on only make it worse and more divisive.

A monstrous act like this should not divide the nation. And when those in Hillary Clinton’s position can and do move quickly to divide us along political battle lines, it, not the monster, is a sign of a society in decay.

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