Hillary Confirms She Won’t Run Again

Sometimes I wonder if it’s always felt to American citizens like the next presidential campaign begins the moment the inauguration takes place. Because that is certainly the current state of American political affairs. President Trump had barely finished saying, “So help me God” before speculation was surfacing as to who his 2020 opponent would be for the Democrats.

And while recent events, like the bizarre attempt by Peter Daou and his all-Hillary, all-the-time social media platform Verrit, would indicate that perhaps the 2016 runner-up might be looking for a third presidential campaign loss, Clinton herself says otherwise:

Former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton said in an interview broadcast Sunday that while she is “done” being a candidate, she is not leaving politics.


“Is your political career over?” Jane Pauley asked Clinton on “CBS Sunday Morning.”  “Yes,” Clinton responded. “As an active politician, it’s over.  “I am done with being a candidate,” she added. “But I am not done with politics, because I literally believe that our country’s future is at stake.”

These certainly appear to be the most decisive words Clinton has spoken to this point about her future plans. And while it may be devastating news for people like Miley Cyrus, there are many in Democrat Party leadership who are undoubtedly relieved to hear this.

First, Clinton ran a mind-bogglingly terrible campaign, from its organization, to its messaging, to its strategy, to its results. And much of that was undoubtedly tied to the miserable personality of Clinton herself. You can’t fake charisma no matter how many times you publicly “reinvent yourself.”

Second, Clinton’s tell-all book “What Happened” appears to be far less of a coalition-building cry for unity and far more of a Frank Costanza “Festivus” airing of grievances. The book destroys Bernie Sanders for his obvious ignorance, implicates golden boy Barack Obama and his trusty sidekick Joe Biden for their questionable conduct during the campaign, and largely burns several bridges that would be tough to mend in preparation for another run at the White House.

So who does that leave for the Democrats? Well there’s still the non-Democrat socialist Sanders, there’s the fake Indian Elizabeth Warren, there’s comedian Al Franken, there’s the gaffe-tastic Joe Biden, and there’s Barack Obama’s apparent choice, Mitt Romney-Bain Capital manager Deval Patrick.

Between that underwhelming bench and the media’s obsession with overplaying its hand on Trump time and time again, it’s almost as though the Democrats are trying to get the President re-elected.

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