Hillary Identifies as a Southern Black Woman

She who affects a southern drawl when speaking south of the 39th parallel also identifies as an African-American woman when she gives radio interviews on black stations.

Appearing on the popular New York 105.1 The Breakfast Club, Hillary said she always carries hot sauce with her in her bag. Just like Beyoncé sang in her song “Formation.” But Hillary is more likely to listen to Slim Whitman or Tony Orlando or Lawrence Welk than Beyoncé. Obviously she was briefed.

Watch the video here (warning, it’s 26 minutes of cringe-inducing Hillary).

Just like her abominable appearance with Bill de Blasio in which they joked about “CP time,” this just comes off as nothing but racist (and pandering, but that’s assumed).

The song “Formation” is an anthem and celebration of Southern blackness, and the hot sauce line is not an exception. As Mikki Kendall explained in Eater, the lyric itself is actually deeply rooted in Southern black culture:

There may be white Beyoncé fans who also carry around their own personal bottles of hot sauce, but hearing her say she has hot sauce in her bag isn’t a shout-out to them. [Beyoncé is] talking to the Southern and Great Migration Black Americans listening — to them, to us, it hearkens to home. To childhoods spent at fish frys, church picnics, and visiting relatives. It’s a reference to a cultural connection, one that spans the diaspora of Black American identity. [Eater]

Anyone who falls for this obvious, ridiculous lie deserves to have Hillary as their president. Really. Nobody is that gullible. Hillary couldn’t get out of Little Rock fast enough, and never looked back. She visits the south like a city girl visits her country relatives: Only when she has to, and hopefully when nobody’s looking.

The fact that she made this comment in New York only highlights her cultural snobbery. Anyone who listens to her for more than ten seconds should realize the woman is as fake as Tyler Perry’s Madea. At least Perry doesn’t have to pretend he’s black, and Madea is more of a southern black woman than Hillary will ever be.

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