Hillary Ruined ‘Covfefe’, Can She Just Go Away?

Twitter users have enjoyed a day of playing with “covfefe,” a nonsense word that President Trump tweeted, then deleted. Then Sean Spicer implied that it wasn’t really a typo, but some weird inside joke that only the president and a few “in” people know.


But it’s ruined now. The only person on Twitter who could ruin a joke meme faster than Mike Huckabee is Hillary Clinton.

The whole world groaned.

I think Jonah Goldberg had the perfect words to frame our disappointment.

Liberals suck the fun out of everything, which is why assisted suicide is such a popular topic among their morose intellectuals (it is, really).

The chief fun-sucker is Hillary Clinton, mostly because John Kerry has disappeared from most public life (thank God). The world would be a better place if she would just go away, but she stubbornly refuses to do so, like an infected mole refuses to heal.

And now we’ve lost covfefe forever.

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