Hillary: Stop Terror by Learning About Jihadist Food

Liberal commentator Sally Kohn said that to defeat terrorism we need political correctness. That was dumb.

Liberal journalist Mehdi Hasan said that to defeat terrorism there was only one way: to refuse to be terrorized. That was even dumber.

(I mean, seriously? A victim of a suicide bomber just needed to “refuse to be terrorized?” The dead at the World Trade Center just needed to refuse to have planes flown into their buildings? This is intellectual rubbish.)

But the award for the dumbest of all might just go to the woman a few states away from being our current president:

“This is a time for us to reach out to the world, to understand more about what is happening. Not just in our own country but indeed across the globe.  And it is a time to remember how important our alliances are. Getting to know one another. Learning about the experiences, the lives, the cultures, the religions, the food.”

The food. If we just learned about the food that ISIS eats, we would be closer to peace. Trump may be dangerously impetuous, but there’s no doubting that Hillary would have been dangerously feckless. This statement alone all but proves that.

Many times over the course of the previous eight years, we were endured lectures from the national Schoolmarm-in-Chief Barack Obama or his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton about how you can’t achieve peace if you aren’t willing to talk. At least for a time, the most oft-repeated phrase from these two titans of the left was, “Well Reagan talked to the Soviets.”

Yes, but while evil, the Soviets were rational. They wanted world domination, but that demanded a world still exist for them to rule. They didn’t want nuclear holocaust anymore than we did. Basic humanity and sane minds provided a common ground upon which to build, a basis upon which to “talk.”

Radicalized Islam has no such basic dignity, sanity, or common ground. You can’t “learn about the food” of ISIS because when you go to break bread with them, they will cut your throat. The fact that this fairly self-evident reality is still yet to dawn on Hillary is a testament to her overriding commitment to multiculturalist nonsense that prevents people from observing the world as it actually exists.

To be sure, that is the last thing you want in the White House – regardless of the current president’s noticeable flaws.

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