Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton greets supporters during a campaign stop at Iowa Western Community College in Council Bluffs, Iowa, Tuesday, Jan. 5, 2016. (AP Photo/Nati Harnik)

Hillary Tweets Trump Isn’t President (Yet)

It’s painfully obvious that Hillary Clinton doesn’t tweet. If she did, she’d need a special smartphone just for that purpose, because you know she needed one device per email address, right?

Multi-tasking is not one of Hillary’s strong points. She can’t even keep track of her myriad lies. This is why she has a staff. And one of her staffers made the Twitter faux pas of tweeting what they really think about Hillary’s chances in November.

“Donald Trump’s foreign policy is already making Americans less safe, and he’s not even president (yet).”

Besides being hilariously funny, this underscores the difference between the candidates. Trump is is own campaign manager, runs very lean with a small staff of intensely loyal acolytes, and frequently tweets himself (especially late at night).

Hillary has a bloated, layered, structured and stage-managed campaign, employing hundreds of functionaries, factotums, and mid-level mangers with a matrixed management structure that would be the envy of MBA case-study writers.

Someone with access to the social media interface that the Clinton campaign uses to drive its Twitter feed added a simple parenthetical word “yet” to a tweet meant to disparage Trump. That changed the whole nature of the tweet to a resigned acceptance of the inevitability of Trump.

Like the State Department trying to find the person who ordered the Iran presser edit, I’m sure that Clinton’s investigation into who planted “yet” will result in dead end, with everyone’s answer “not me!” When the job is everyone’s responsibility, nobody is really responsible. Kind of like the way Hillary does everything.

Even with that baggage, she’ll probably still win the White House, and we can look forward to four years of “not me!” punctuated with “you can’t prove it” and “there’s no smoking gun.” In any case, it’s hilarious.

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