Hillary v. Bernie: The Second Coming of John Anderson

A lot of women are going to burn in hell in New Hampshire. That’s what the Hillary Clinton told us — there was a special place in hell for women who did not help other women.

Hillary Clinton lost women in New Hampshire to Bernie Sanders. The socialist got beat by the communist. The funny part is that the old voters went with the younger women and the young voters went with the older man.

The startling data from the exit polling is that the Democrats would prefer an honest candidate to one who can win. That is all well and good, but Sanders really is not that honest and he sure as hell is not going to beat a Republican in November.

While the media has been fixated on the Trump fight within the GOP, the reality is that the Democrats are on a path to suicide either way. Their nominee may be indicted or a geriatric.

Michael Bloomberg must be seriously considering this race and, in so doing, could be the second coming not of Ross Perot, but of John Anderson. Anderson was the Republican who lost to Reagan and ran as a moderate independent. But he failed to pick up must support in the GOP. Instead, he picked up disaffected Carter voters and managed to get close to 7% of the vote, helping Reagan get elected.

If Bloomberg gets in, he may claim status as an independent Republican, but given his nanny state positions, positions on guns, and positions on social issues, he is more likely to pull from Democrats than Republicans, thereby helping the GOP.

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