Hillary’s Race Isn’t About Bernie, And She’s Losing Big

Citing all of Bernie Sanders’ defects, RedState’s Leon Wolf laid out the case that Sanders is toast. And everything Leon wrote about white, liberal voters is correct.

Nate Silver has already pointed out the problems that loomed large for Bernie Sanders even if he won both Iowa and New Hampshire. Bernie’s base within the Democratic party is white, liberal voters. The state with the largest percentage of white liberal voters among Democratic primary voters is Vermont. But behind that are New Hampshire and Iowa at #2 and #3, respectively. If Bernie could not pull off a win in Iowa, where white liberal voters make up 50% of the Democrat voting base, he stands to suffer humongous losses when the campaign moves to South Carolina (where white liberals only make up 19% of the Democrat voting base) and Nevada (29%).

But the Democratic race is a one-woman affair, with Hillary the only candidate. Sanders, while not irrelevant, has tapped into the Obama backlash of disaffected youth looking for a way to live the hopey-changey dream. That’s not enough to win an election, but it is enough to ignite the bomb Hillary is sitting on.

Hillary is headed to New Hampshire to face the music. Sanders is going to win there, and probably win big. The latest UMass Lowell/7News poll shows Sanders up a ridiculous 29 points over Clinton. The RCP average has him up 17.5 points, so it’s likely he won’t repeat the coin-toss in Iowa, which to Sanders represented a win.

Hillary knows the music will play on Feb. 9, but she’s not really running against Sanders, because he’s not hard to beat. Her primary is against herself, or more aptly, the FBI.

But she doesn’t know the date of the most important primary that confronts her candidacy. In that election the FBI gets the only vote: whether it thinks she should be prosecuted, or cleared, for her handling of government email outside of State Department protocols. Her foes see indictable offenses. Her partisans see yet another smear built of meager mistakes that haven’t harmed national security.

Should voters care about this email fiasco? If their primary care is seeing her win the presidency to extend Democratic reign in the White House, this will be easy to overlook unless someone in law enforcement — the FBI or U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch — says otherwise. But for voters whose primary care is the character and content of their prospective president, the email saga evokes an old question: Is Hillary Clinton’s chief concern the career advancement of Hillary Clinton? Start down this path and questions abound — about the trustworthiness of Clinton, about her personal judgment in handling national secrets, even about who’ll choose the next attorney general, an official with awesome power to pursue, or ignore, suspect conduct.

Two facts are indisputable. Hillary is not Bill. Bill can inseminate an intern’s dress in the Oval Office, lie about it, and come out of it as Obama’s golf buddy and earn a half million dollars for a 30 minute speech. Hillary cackles.

The other fact is that voters know Hillary is indictable, a liar, and that voters in general, do not trust her. They might like her ideas, her womanhood, her je ne sais quoi (and I really do not know what), but they know she’s done a bad, bad thing and the FBI will want its pound of flesh. Catherine Herridge said on Fox News:

That statement by Josh Earnest has got the back up of our contacts at the FBI and Justice Department for two reasons… They are SUPER PISSED OFF to use a technical term.

The White House is not going to save Hillary from her fate. If the FBI doesn’t indict her, after–as Bill would say from Jeff Epstein’s private jet–her ass-whooping next Tuesday, Hillary would lose to Bozo the clown (no disrespect to Bernie).

Hillary’s race is almost over, I fear. If she doesn’t lose in the primaries, she will lose at the convention. By August, there’s very likely no way the Democrats would put her on the ballot. But then again, they ran with John Kerry.

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