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Hillary’s Shills at the Washington Post Torture the News Again

There must be a special circle of journalistic hell for Washington Post editors, who have to write headlines designed to protect their precious Hillary.

“Clinton’s request for secure fax Plan B sparks accusations,” is how they headlined an AP-written article about the latest faux-pas their liege committed while running the pyramid scheme that the ship of state became under her captaincy.

As the media pour over the latest release of printouts, these things just keep coming up. The latest to emerge is that Hillary ordered some talking points sent “nonsecure” since the State Department functionaries were having problems with their secure fax.

Source: Department of State
Source: Department of State

When I was an Air Force contractor, I had to sit in on a full-bird colonel getting a dress-down when he emailed one piece of OPSEC (operational security) nonsecure. It wasn’t even something I considered to be a huge violation, but if I had done it, I would have been fired on the spot.  Hillary spent years ignoring every security protocol in existence, committing violations each and every day that would get everyone else fired.

Then she ordered others to do the same, and the Washington Post shilled for her by turning the headline into “accusations” by Republicans like Sen. Chuck Grassley.

Clinton didn’t care about security. State Department talking points are, by definition, sensitive documents that should be handled as classified. Ordering them sent “nonsecure” in many countries practically guarantees that they will fall into hostile hands. It doesn’t matter that “It wasn’t clear if any information in the document was classified to begin with,” as the lede in the article parries.

Over and over again, they pervert and torture the news into a biased, slanted stream of what could almost be called propaganda. If other media weren’t covering it, this would find its way into the memory hole and never see print.

Ted Cruz had it absolutely right when he tweeted this.

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