Holy Crap

Ugh! I’ve just spent the last fifteen minutes on the home with a lady who did not seem quite stable. Gracious.

She says she is a widow with cancer and the people next to her who are “pimps” and burn televisions in her yard changed the deed to her property and stole her property from her and local Macon attorneys were involved, etc., etc., etc. I referred her to Georgia Legal Services.

She said she read my name in the paper being interviewed about the Kelo decision and decided to call me at home.

Not cool.

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  • I’ve always had a listed number. And occasionally regretted it. However, I wouldn’t go with an unlisted number. Part of the message I sent to folks that worked for me was “I shouldn’t be their first choice but if something serious is going on and they can’t get a hold of the immediate supervisor then don’t be scared to call me.” I never wanted “couldn’t get your number” to be a viable excuse. Sure, I got a couple 2 or 3 AM calls that I didn’t enjoy but I was paid to handle those things regardless of the hour of day (or night).