Home Again

Home today. Christy and I have family obligations that necessitated me rearranging my flight schedule. The good news was that I came home yesterday, the bad news was that I had to catch an earlier flight because of a cancellation and didn’t get a lot of time in the office yesterday.

For all the dreams people have about working from home, I actually am not a huge fan of it. Sure it means that on my lunch break I can grab a sandwich and then spread fertilizer in the yard. But, it also means there is less human contact with co-workers.

Today, though, has a benefit. With the St. Patrick’s Day crowd on the roads to Savannah and the Atlanta Motor Speedway crowd on the way to Griffin, Christy and I have to get out of Macon early today. So I’m keeping Evelyn at home, got up early to get in time with work, and we’ll leave before the roads shut down. Otherwise we’ll never get to Carrollton.

I’ve had people glare badly at me because, though I work at home, I don’t keep Evelyn at home. Sure, I’d love to, but I have a J-O-B. Granted she takes multiple naps during the day, but I don’t want to chance having her at home. I think the best way to work from home is to treat it as an actual job and, you know, work.

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