It’s been a whirlwind week. I’m home. I got home yesterday. We have birthday party activities to attend to, which necessitated an early arrival home.

Let me ask this though. A question I posed in RedHot at RedState. Is Fox & Friends Weekend like the liberal version of Fox & Friends Weekday? It seems like it to me, which is okay, but slightly more stereotypical of the MSM. Just an observation.

Now I return to my little opera singer. We could take the kid to the beach and whales would come ashore to hear her sing.

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  • It is called preaching to the church of what’s happening now. As long as you can keep viewers watching silly crap and listening to air heads, then you do not have to report on the real issues.

    It is just like Hannity and Colmes, now that the Iraq War is a disaster, their show has shifted to such topics as eminent domain. Most viewers just go along with the lack of real news coverage like fish on a hook.

    But most importantly, keep your angel singing operas and enjoy every moment of these glorious times.