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Honest Leftists Call for Second Amendment Repeal

Please give them credit. Rolling Stone is being honest. It has a piece by David Cohen calling for the repeal of the second amendment.

I disagree with him and the magazine. But I am glad they are honest.

Democrats have danced around this issue for a long time. They have nibbled at the edges of the second amendment and have pushed activists judges to curtail it. They will not honor stare decisis if the left gets control of the Supreme Court. They’ll just reject the precedent of the Heller decision outright.

But as long as the second amendment remains in the constitution, there is not much the left can do to stop Americans from owning guns. So this is true and genuine honesty.

In the face of yet another mass shooting, now is the time to acknowledge a profound but obvious truth – the Second Amendment is wrong for this country and needs to be jettisoned. We can do that through a Constitutional amendment. It’s been done before (when the Twenty-First Amendment repealed prohibition in the Eighteenth), and it must be done now.

I don’t think the left, many of whom do not own guns, recognize how gun culture is engrained in American culture. We have more than one gun per citizen out there. My neighbor has an entire gun room in his home. My wife and I have an armory of our own and buy bullets by the thousands. It’s not just us though. Many people across the country are the same even in hotbed leftist states like Vermont.

I don’t think the left realizes they are on the wrong side of this issue. But at least Rolling Stone is being honest and I challenge them to try.

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