Horses the Size of Cats and Other Things to Upset the Left

Newspapers and liberal academics seem intent on pushing every sort of global warming scare scenario imaginable now that Scott Pruitt is in charge of the EPA. No longer having a sympathetic President in the White House to humor them, they’re ratcheting up their scientific findings and pushing out the most sensational stuff. The latest is that mammals will shrink as the world gets warm because 54 million years ago it happened.

Interestingly enough, if you read deep into the article you’ll find the tacit acknowledgement that the world was warming long before man set foot on it. Likewise, you will also find that the primary instigator was a methane release, which is important considering how Scott Pruitt is getting hammered for saying carbon dioxide is not necessarily the primary instigator of global warming.

This will probably now be added to the grab bag of nightmare scenarios trumpeted by the left as they call for carbon taxes, carbon offsets, and the prohibition on cows to prevent cow farts.

But I still do not care about the issue and you should not care about it either.

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