House Republican Moderates Will Destroy the Senate’s Legislative Filibuster

You would think that the Senate could control its own rules and preserve the filibuster, but House Republican moderates in the so called “Tuesday Group” are laying the ground work to kill the Senate’s legislative filibuster.

Republicans and Democrats together have wiped out the filibuster on nominations, but for now neither side is willing to get rid of the filibuster on legislation. That is all about to change thanks to those House Republican moderates.

Contrary to the attacks from the Wall Street Journal editorial page, the President’s twitter feed, and establishment Republican pundits, the House Freedom Caucus members have been very clear in what they want. They have not moved goal posts.

They want the eradication of Title I of the Affordable Care Act. They want to eliminate the essential health benefits that require men to buy insurance for their impossible pregnancies. They want to end the individual mandate. They also want to end the insurance and employer mandates.

The moderates in the House not only refuse to support ending those things — things they all campaigned on eliminating, but the moderates want to expand Medicaid and grow government.

Here is how the moderates are going to get rid of the Senate filibuster.

Right now, Democrats are looking at the Republican moderates and understand that the GOP could repeal Obamacare with 51 votes in the Senate through reconciliation. Even with a 51 vote margin, the GOP is incapable of doing so because the moderates really support Obamacare.

The Democrats need no further signals that they can expand government with the assurances that the GOP will never walk it back even without the Senate filibuster.

Right now, the filibuster is the only thing stopping the expansion of government at an even higher rate. But it is also the only thing that stops the rollback of expanded government when conservatives are in charge. The Democrats in the Senate are witnessing a GOP unable to roll back any part of government with 51 votes and a GOP that does not want to really roll back the government. They have no more incentive to keep the filibuster once they take back the Senate, House, and White House.

They know now that they can scrap the filibuster, create massive new government entitlements, and rest assured the GOP even with 51 votes will never undo what they have done.

The only way to save the Senate’s legislative filibuster is for the House GOP moderates to support a substantive plan to repeal Obamacare. If the GOP does not repeal Obamacare with 51 votes, they will never repeal any other big government program Democrats create and the Democrats will never have to worry about needing the filibuster to prevent a GOP rollback of the government again.

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