House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wis., talks to reporters on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, March 3, 2016. Former GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, with whom Ryan ran as the vice-presidential candidate, is charging into the increasingly divisive White House race with a verbal lashing of Donald Trump and a plea for fellow Republicans to shun the front-runner for the good of country and party. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

House Speaker Paul Ryan Will Not Defend the Indefensible

This just in, Paul Ryan is done trying to defend Trump. He really should pull his endorsement, as should all Republicans. There is no reason to continue standing behind a man who thinks he is powerful enough to grab women by the genitals. That’s Bill Clinton level territory and Trump isn’t even in the White House yet.

Of course, Trump will not be in the White House.

Ryan hinted that he may think the presidential race is out of reach for Trump, telling lawmakers on a call that he wants to ensure Democrat Hillary Clinton does not get a blank check with Congress, according to NBC News. He said representatives need to do what is best in their districts.

2016 is over in all but the number of days left in the calendar. And now we know from Wikileaks that the Clinton camp wanted Trump as the nominee knowing he was the only one she could beat. Angry Republicans played right into her hands.

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