How Dare The Citizens Object To Their City Council!!!!

Residents of Lilburn have dared to object to Mayor Torquemada and the City Council’s un-American, anti-fun legislation banning pool tables, karaoke, and trivia contests in places that sell alcohol.

Someone should bulldoze City Hall and put a bar there, with a pool table and bad karaoke.

I hear that next they will insist that all school girls wear chastity belts until the age of 25 and any person that does not say “please” or “thank you” will be flogged by Mayor Torquemada on the public square at high noon each Wednesday.

Oh, and no non-Christians are allowed to live in Lilburn either. You just aren’t welcome. If you drink, sing badly, or worship any deity other than Christ, or are atheist, you absolutely, 100% cannot ever live in Lilburn. The City Council will round you up and kill you.

That’s just the way they are.

By the way, I’m assigned negative tags to this post, so if anyone ever googles Lilburn or does a technorati search, they’ll see what an unpleasant place it is and stay the heck away from it.

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