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How I Know Ted Cruz Has Major Momentum

A funny thing happened on the way to Iowa. Suddenly something started happening to Ted Cruz that used to only happen to Donald Trump.

A few months ago, if you put up a post on an internet website that said, “Donald Trump Doing Nothing,” the post would still get tens of thousands of hits.

That’s less and less the case these days.

Now, instead, it is Ted Cruz’s turn.

On Saturday, the second Saturday of The Resurgent’s existence, we topped 100,000 unique page views. Why? Facebook. Why? Posts about Ted Cruz.

This piece alone got over 40,000 unique hits on Saturday. Over 50% of those hits came through Facebook.

That is a pretty good indicator in who has a lot of momentum. For a short time, Scott Walker had this effect. Ben Carson too had this effect. And for a very long time, Donald Trump was essentially free traffic for any right-of-center political website.

Now it is Ted Cruz. Mention Cruz and he generates a lot of traffic. This has actually only been the case since around Christmas. Before that, Cruz came no where close to Trump. But steadily and consistently he has ben growing in traffic.

That tells me that Cruz’s following has consolidated, gotten stronger, and his base of support has gotten highly energized. It’s a good sign that this is happening two weeks before Iowa.

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