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How Long Until Obama Admits He Isn’t Really a Christian?

For eight years, Barack Obama has pretended he was not a radical leftist. Then, this week, he commuted the sentence of an unrepentant terrorist who not only refused to apologize for his crimes, but stood by his terrorism. As Ben Domenech noted on Fox News, Oscar Lopez Rivera believes terrorism is a legitimate political weapon. Stephen Miller is right in noting we can abandon all pretenses that Barack Obama is anything other than a radical leftist.

Can we finally acknowledge also that he is not the Christian he has pretended, for politics’ sake, to be. Being a person of faith is still a thing in the United States even if the left is currently struggling against it. It would have been a bridge too far for many people to vote for an atheist President so Barack Obama played the role of Christian.

He told Democrats, who four years later would boo God at the Democratic convention, that the GOP did not have a monopoly on faith. He hired a faith coordinator to do outreach. Then he and his administration systematically set out to persecute Christians in the United States and ignore them around the world.

  • His administration argued before the Supreme Court that the freedom of religion was really only a right to worship.
  • They insisted that faith based organizations pay for abortions.
  • They allowed the gay community to sue Christian organizations trying to adhere to their believes. The latest is a gay man suing a Catholic school in North Carolina that dismissed him after he decided to marry a man.
  • The President went to great pains to play down Christianity when it conflicted with Islam.
  • The President and much of his administration refused for years to acknowledge violence against Christians around the world.

For eight years, President Obama has talked a good game on faith while being at war with it. He has allowed those in his employ to harass Christian businesses, Christian schools, and Christian non-profits. He has presided over a Democratic Party that has increasingly and proudly displayed bigotry and intolerance toward people of faith.

After eight years, perhaps the Democrats will finally acknowledge what has been increasingly apparent in the past several years — Barack Obama used Christianity as a political tool when it suited him, but was never the Christian he claimed to be. He can, as he leaves office, finally admit the only god he believes in is himself. That might mean that others who’ve hidden behind Barack Obama’s claims to make their own will now be exposed as frauds, but so be it. Even Judas had to eventually be exposed. It’s all part of the plan.

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