How Long Until Trump Supporters Carry Out Their Death Threats?

The Trump team is more and more encouraging violence. Trump himself has suggested his supporters should rough up protestors. His surrogates are calling those who oppose Trump “traitors.” Others are handing out the home addresses and phone numbers of people opposed to Trump.

Today, the Washington Post has a story about the Cruz effort to secure delegate support. It is getting a lot of buzz primarily because it shows how well Cruz is doing.

But it contains some nuggets of information that should be very troubling to everyone.

Craig Dunn, who was elected Saturday as a Republican delegate from Indiana’s 4th Congressional District, said he has received several threatening phone calls and emails after criticizing Trump in recent news reports.

“When they reference burials and your family in the same email, and telling you that you’re being watched, that’s concerning,” he said.

In Colorado, Republicans are planning a rally Friday to call attention to threats made against GOP chairman Steve House. He said his office received 3,000 phone calls “with many being the trashiest you can imagine” after a state party convention last weekend awarded all 34 delegates to Cruz.

The Trump campaign has claimed the Cruz campaign is using “Gestapo like tactics,” which seems to be projection. The Trump campaign and its supporters have a violent authoritarian streak running through them that mirrors radical Islamists and progressive activists. They all demand we convert or die.

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