How One Black Musician Inspired 25 Men to Leave the KKK

Daryl Davis was the only black member of a country band that played in mostly white venues. Over his years traveling around and playing music, Daryl met many interesting people: Chuck Berry, Joe Frazier, Dolly Parton, and …the head of the Maryland Klu Klux Klan. The relationship with Daryl and the white supremacist wasn’t what most would expect. Music was a uniting force between the two, and overshadowed the racism the man had for Daryl. Overtime, this allowed Daryl to change the hearts and minds of this man and other KKK members towards African Americans. While many members of the black community have criticized his methods, 25 men given up their robes to Daryl, and left the KKK for good. That’s real change.

Originally posted on Faithwire

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