How Quickly Can the WH Change the Narrative?

Donald Trump announced his candidacy for President of the United States on June 16, 2015. Since that time, the mainstream media has given him no peace and has hounded his every step. All of his speeches, interviews, tweets, policy announcements, and personnel decisions were analyzed, scrutinized, debated and most of the time reviled by the establishment.

By the end of summer 2015, it was readily apparent both the MSM and establishment political structure had the long knives out for him, and were convinced he would be brought down in short order. Going into fall 2015, predictions abounded daily about his demise before the Iowa caucus, then as that proved not to be the case; each startling tweet, controversial policy announcement, and outlandish speech brought new prophecy about the death of his candidacy.

Yet, with each new supposed political crisis, the candidate managed to change the narrative in short order. However it happened, the MSM appeared to have serious attention deficit disorder, running from one shiny new object to the next. Nothing seemed to stick long enough to hurt the Republican front-runner.

As the elected President, Mr. Trump has so far managed to confound both the press and naysayers by moving quickly from one issue to another so that it seems impossible to focus on any one thing long enough to gain traction. The press labeled him “Teflon Don” because he seems to be a savant at changing the narrative at just the perfect time, escaping their grasp every time they thought they had his hide nailed to the side of the barn.

Enter All Things Russia, Russia-gate, the Russian Scandal, the Election Stolen by the Russians, and How the Russians Destroyed Hillary’s Chance to be President. In some form, All Things Russia has had some staying power, primarily because the Clinton machine had to have a scapegoat,  the Democrats in Congress have found it to be a great fund raising tool, and because the MSM pundits don’t really have to work that hard to flog it, and hey everybody loves to hate on Russia once in a while.

Today, The Observer’s John Schindler writes “This Can’t End Well for Trump“. There are two points he makes which would send shivers up anyone’s spine.

It’s difficult to see how this can end well for Team Trump since, even with Comey gone, the FBI will continue its counterintelligence investigation of the White House and the 2016 election, looking for links to Vladimir Putin—and so will Congress. The president may have to worry about the latter as much as the former, particularly in light of the revelation that the Senate Intelligence Committee has turned to the Treasury Department for help in getting to the bottom of Trump’s murky finances. Significantly, Congress is getting support in its investigation from Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, known to insiders as FinCEN. These are the Intelligence Community’s experts in tracking shady financial deals.

No matter how pure and righteous a person is, nobody in their right mind wants anyone in the federal government poring through their financial documents. Danger Will Robinson danger!

Then there is the second minefield, sure to become a hourly talking point within the next few days:

Then there’s the fact that one or more grand juries are busy assessing which members of Team Trump may be facing criminal charges—and for what, exactly? We now have confirmation, after weeks of rumors, that a Federal grand jury in Virginia has issued subpoenas for inquiry into possible illegalities committed by Michael Flynn, the retired Army lieutenant general who briefly served as Trump’s National Security Advisor before he was booted for lying about his connections to Moscow. This grand jury is part of the Justice Department’s broader investigation of KremlinGate, and there are persistent rumors of a second grand jury in New York examining Team Trump. The same sources which reported the Virginia grand jury, weeks before the mainstream media confirmed the story, speak of one in New York—and that indictments are coming.

To be sure, Mr. Schindler is no fan of our President, nor was he a fan during the election season. He is however intellectually honest, well sourced, with an unimpeachable resume. He concludes:

Regardless, if the White House expected that by firing Director Comey they could make their Russia problems go away, they were sorely mistaken. FBI employees were flabbergasted and enraged by the rude manner in which their boss got fired, while people across the Intelligence Community were befuddled by this latest Trumpian tactic. Since the president has repeatedly insulted and demeaned our nation’s spies during his few short months in office, we should now expect a barrage of embarrassing leaks from the IC in response. That’s how the DC game is played.

If past history is predictive, one can assume the White House will change the narrative in short order. From a political aspect, it seems imperative. What would that look like? Which issue would coalesce his supporters and gain him political capital from conservatives, all the while so totally enraging the Democrats and liberal press that they lose all focus on Russia?

One word: Clinton. All things Clinton. Emails. Classified Information. Lying under oath. Ignored subpoenas. State Department cover up. Then for a cherry on top? All things Clinton Foundation.

This is not a prediction, nor an attempt for prophecy. It simply makes sense. The new DOJ is very unhappy about how the old DOJ and FBI treated All Things Clinton and view the outcome as an abomination to justice. Also, the President’s supporters would be ecstatic. All the requisite players are aligned, to say the least.

Other possibilities? North Korea? Venezuela? The UN and/or NATO? But none of these seem “big” enough for the moment.

This scenario might seem outragous and highly unlikely, and it very well might be. However, it wouldn’t be surprising if reports citing anonymous sources begin to hit the press with the words Clinton, investigation, and grand jury featured prominently in the next few days. It’s hard to believe the WH will allow this Russia feeding frenzy to continue much longer.

The beautiful irony is the fact that the Clintons and their coterie were the ones who perfected this exact scheme and performed it so flawlessly time and time again. To many Trump supporters and conservatives, this would be rich irony indeed.

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