How To Fly Delta Air Lines For Free

It turns out, flying free on Delta is easy. Just get a passenger to stand up and loudly support President-elect Trump. They will get a lifetime ban, and you will get a free flight. At least that’s what happened last week on Flight 248.

I’ve encountered some rude behavior on airline flights, including drunk, belligerent, and loud people who, if not confined with them on an airliner, I would run from at great speed.  But I’ve never seen these people get a lifetime ban from an airline.

In a world where Ben Shapiro is threatened if he sets foot on a campus where he was banned because of his politics, and where the cast and producers of Hamilton get to monologue off-script and call out the Vice President-elect by name, it’s now easier than ever to get banned from flying on Delta Air Lines.

Just stand up and yell “Yeah! Trump Baby!” and call other passengers “Hillary b**ches.” Politics has become the yardstick of civility, but only when it’s used to support Donald Trump, who is about to be President of the United States.

For this, the man was removed from the airplane, spoken to, and allowed to return, where he remained quiet for the remainder of the flight.

Then the CEO of Delta Air Lines decided he should be banned.


Note this: “He will never again be allowed on a Delta plane,” and “We are also refunding those customers the cost of their tickets.”

I would never advocate someone actually trying this. But if Delta really means that standing up and using words that would barely get a PG13 rating on an inflight movie, being loud and supporting the President-elect, is worthy of a lifetime ban and a “safe space” refund for the rest of the flight, then why not?

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