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How Trump’s Digital Team Broke the Mold in 2016

Love him or hate him, Trump’s campaign was a new animal. Today we’re talking with his Director of Digital Content about how they won the Presidency!

2016 was definitely a unique year in politics and we’ve talked to alumni of a couple different presidential campaigns here on the podcast. But we haven’t had the opportunity to sit down with anyone who served on the yugely successful campaign of President Donald Trump. Today we get to fix that!

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Now to the interview.

With a strong background in digital media strategy, implementation, writing, marketing and content creation, Theresa Hong brings more than 15 years of agency, private, nonprofit and government industry experience, creating and managing numerous marketing, digital marketing, communications and political campaigns.

While one of Theresa’s favorite components of working with clients is the opportunity to sit, listen and collaborate, she is the first to admit she is a proud sci-fi and tech geek – most notably, she loves integrating technology to relay powerful messages, fast.

Theresa finds satisfaction that the world of communications has managed to preserve the art of face-to-face relationship building, traditional media and advertising, while intertwining this art with the power of digital media. The power to share an idea, tell a story, and instantly disperse the message that, if done right, has the potential to promote action and change behavior is one of the many reasons why Theresa loves what she does.

In her past lives, Theresa has served as an account executive managing a variety of diverse clients for McNally Temple, a political consulting agency located in Sacramento. She’s also served as communications and digital media director for a California state senator, as well as worked in the tech and energy industries. In 2016, Theresa served as digital content director for the Donald J. Trump for President Digital Media Campaign and Presidential Inauguration Committee.

Right now, Theresa is the Senior Vice President of Communications for Political Branding Associates, where she works closely with Bonnie Siegel, who was our guest a few weeks ago.

A San Antonio native, she’s incredibly happy to be back in the Alamo City – where her heart and family reside. After hours, you’ll probably find her being a tourist in her hometown, accidentally photo-bombing families in front of the Alamo.

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