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How You Can Tell the Left Isn’t Really Serious About Gun Control

The left talks a good game about gun control and wanting gun control. Pay no attention to the fact that four months after Barack Obama became President the Senate Democrats voted to expand gun usage on federal land.

But that’s not really how you can tell this rhetoric is all for show.

How you tell is that there are at least five Democrats in red state who are up for re-election in 2018 who will not vote for any gun restrictions. And they are facing no serious challenges from the left.

On the right, in 2010, 2012, 2014, and 2016, conservatives mounted serious challenges against incumbents from Bob Bennett to Thad Cochran over fiscal issues, a failure to stand up to the President, and social issues. In many cases, the right was quite successful, fielding both a viable challenger who beat the incumbent or won the open seat primary and who won the general election.

The only time the left has really tried this they beat Joe Lieberman who then ran as an independent and won.

But the political left is galvanized by gun control. They want it. They think it is a moral duty. But they have yet to mount challenges to any of these Democrats who, even when Democrats are in the majority, will side with Republicans to block any sort of gun control efforts.

If the left was really serious, they’d primary these Democrats, some of whom might get replaced by Republicans, but all of whom would know the left means business.

Except the left doesn’t really mean business. It just wants a fundraising opportunity off corpses.

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