Huckabee Adds To His Shame

In the Hall of Shame for Political Coulda-Beens, Mike Huckabee has his own personal wing. His latest shame:

I’ve met Gov. Huckabee on several occasions. I have always found him to be a genuine, humble, and self-effacing man. I’ve heard him speak in a heartfelt way about the unborn. I’ve heard him relate gut-wrenching stories about his daughter and his visit to Nazi death camps.

But then Huckabee met Donald Trump. He daughter went to work for Trump. And something just went “click” in the man’s brain, short-circuiting all the “shame” circuits. From kneeling before Zod in a shameful end to his campaign, to practically deifying Trump at the Great Evangelical Come to Donald meeting, Huckabee keeps descending further into his defense of the indefensible.

Now, in the cause of unity, when the GOP needs to line up behind a candidate so toxic only 2 percent of Romney donors have seen fit to give a nickel to him, Huckabee saw fit to threaten Sen. Jeff Flake for daring to insult the Orange Throne. Flake took particular offense at Trump’s references to Saddam Hussein as “good at killing terrorists.” This is a recurring theme for Trump, who has praised the communist Chinese, fascist Mussolini, and Russian tyrant Vladimir Putin for their “leadership” and “strength” dealing with opposition.

Flake has been particularly critical of Trump over his rhetoric about Hispanics, including his criticisms of Judge Gonzalo Curiel. According to the Washington Post, Flake identified himself to Trump during the meeting as “the other senator from Arizona — the one who didn’t get captured — and I want to talk to you about statements like that.” Trump reportedly told Flake he would lose re-election, before the senator reminded him he wasn’t up again until 2018. The Post also reported that Trump criticized Illinois Sen. Mark Kirk, who was absent from the meeting and, facing one of the most difficult re-election battles in the country, rescinded his endorsement of the apparent nominee last month.

So Huckabee went full Goodfellas on Flake. “You made the Boss look stupid. Is that your state over there? Maybe something bad might happen to it.” For a state that Trump took by 23 points over Ted Cruz, you’d think he’d show it more respect. Especially since it’s a state Trump needs–and an electoral toss-up against Hillary Clinton.

So far, Trump has insulted just about every GOP official in Arizona and Nee Mexico: Gov. Martinez (N.M.), Sen. John McCain, and now Sen. Jeff Flake, in a state that’s voted Republican in every presidential election since 1952 with the exception of 1996. But now it’s a toss-up, and Hillary has a slight lead in the RCP average.

Great job, Gov. Huckabee. Keep it up and you’ll earn enough shame points for Trump to kick you to the curb later in a less humiliating way.

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