Huckabee really is a funny guy

This is great:

About halfway through his remarks a campaign staffer inadvertently hit a button that made a large movie screen begin to descend from the ceiling…and then the lights went out to boot. Ever quick on his feet Huckabee took the delay in stride, “I’ve heard people say before I’d ever vote for a Republican the roof will cave in; I was thinking praise the Lord it’s happening tonight.” The crowd ate it all up and the speech continued.

Then, as Huckabee was discussing the beauty of freedom of speech he played right into the largely college-aged crowd again. Referring to hecklers that he has encountered out on the trail he said “the fact is, a lot of places where a person would do that they’d get shot on the spot. Not in this country.” Then in dead pan Huckabee wit, “we’ll just taze ya bro.”

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