Asheville, North Carolina, USA - April 2, 2016: People fly symbolic flags and hold signs protesting North Carolina's HB2 law that restricts the rights of those who are transgender

Huffington Post Goes Anti-Science: Shows a Girl Dressed as a Boy, Claiming Boys Get Periods

Huffington Post claims it is a “powerful photo” when it reality it is powerfully stupid and anti-science.

They claim it is proof that boys can get periods too. Actually, it is proof that a girl can get a short haircut, put on a gingham shirt, and look like a boy. That’s it.

Now, I know there’ll be mass hysteria from the mentally ill set and their enablers and many of them will demand to know why I care or say I’m just being as a**hole or some such, but I think it is very important that people continually push back against this nonsense.

The left intends to push this out more and more to try to to mainstream this mental illness. They are even using mainstream publications to push pseudoscience as actual science, much like the anti-vaccine crowd does. They expect that, in the name of being polite or non-confrontational, we will all just shut up. But we should not. It is anti-science, it hurts those it purports to help, and we are already seeing it trickle down to toddlers, etc.

Transgenderism is not science based. It is a mental health issue. We do not get to choose to be boys or girls and we should not take anyone seriously who thinks otherwise.

The most hilarious part is that the very people who think this is a powerful photo of all sorts of truths will call you anti-science if you raise any question at all about climate change.

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