HUGE: Schools Can Have Their Boys and Girls Rooms Back

President Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions wasted no time. Within a day of being sworn in, Sessions began to roll back former President Obama’s terrible misuse of Title IX to force schools to grant boys and girls access to their opposite gender’s bathroom and locker rooms.

First of all, I love writing “former President Obama.” I still occasionally find myself singing “Hey Hey Goodbye” when I think about the Marine chopper flying over us from the Capitol lawn for the last time with him aboard. It’s really a comforting thought.

Second, if you are a normal parent of non-transgender kids (about 99.2 percent of families), this is a huge win. It’s also sane from the point of view of restoring Title IX to what it’s for: stopping gender discrimination between boys and girls. If there’s no longer a distinction, then we may we well throw up our hands and let anyone do anything.

From the Daily Caller:

The Justice Department’s new motion in the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals seeks permission to delay a hearing on a previous motion — filed last year — which had asked the court to ease a preliminary injunction by federal district judge Reed O’Connor striking down Obama administration guidance about bathroom and shower use in taxpayer-funded schools.

“This is good news for the privacy, safety, and dignity of young students across America,” Gary McCaleb, senior counsel with Alliance Defending Freedom, commented in a statement.

McCaleb added, “Today, the Trump Administration took the first steps to end that error. It is only common sense to ensure privacy for all students by keeping boys out of girls’ locker rooms and vice versa, and school officials shouldn’t have to fear losing crucial federal funding when they protect all students’ privacy.”

If only for this, Trump is having a good week, despite Lt. Gen. Flynn’s departure (or rather, because of it too).

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