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Hugh, Who is Everyone?

Hugh Hewitt is has now expanded his portfolio beyond syndicated radio. He has both a show at MSNBC and a column at the Washington Post. At the Post, he has a new column up in which he claims everyone would be okay with a gas tax increase.


According to Hugh:

Trump can sell a gas tax hike that does these things because it makes sense and because all drivers will pay it. A “rebuild the fleet” tax would have deep appeal even to those patriots who might otherwise reject raising any federal tax but who understand how damaging the Obama-era sequester has been to the ability of the United States to answer the calls upon it.

And, yes, it should be easy to do — if ideologues of both left and right are pushed aside for the common good. The corporate tax rate has to come down. The fleet has to expand. And everyone who drives anywhere in the United States knows that roads and bridges must be repaired, just as anyone who flies knows that some airports need work done yesterday.

I think the gas tax, on a daily basis, affects President Trump’s blue collar voters more than most. They have larger families, larger cars, and pick up trucks. They fill up with gas more than once a week. They are not driving a Prius or a Tesla. And I don’t think they’d consider themselves “ideologues.”

And that’s the thing. The people most likely to pay this tax would be Trump’s voters. Rich coastal liberals have electric cars and drivers. College professors have their tiny smart cars and Priuses. One of the environmentalist left’s pushes has been for ever smaller cars as a direct incentive to produce fewer children.

It’s Trump’s voters who have the large families and the large vehicles. If you raise the gas tax like Hugh wants, you hurt them more than most. I think “everyone” can only be considered people in Washington and people who get picked up in black cars a lot.

The top three vehicles in America are the Ford F-150, the Chevy Silverado, and the Dodge Ram. The people who own those vehicles more likely than not would be surprised to learn that they would support a gas tax increase.

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