Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore speaks to the media during a press conference, Monday, Aug. 8, 2016, in Montgomery, Ala. The chief justice continues to fight against gay marriage in Alabama. Moore has been suspended from office after the Judicial Inquiry Commission accused him of violating the canons of judicial ethics with his actions during the fight over same-sex marriage. Moore will attend a hearing Monday that will determine the course of the judicial ethics case against the suspended Alabama Chief Justice. (AP Photo/Brynn Anderson)

I Agree With Jonah Goldberg About Roy Moore and I Want Roy Moore to Win

“If Donald Trump is a symptom of a disease, Mitch McConnell is what the virus looks like under the microscope.”

I really do not have a lot to add to what Jonah Goldberg has written about Roy Moore. Well, I should add that I endorsed Moore in the runoff and want him to win. Other than that…

Roy Moore, who has won statewide election in Alabama in the past, seems intent on just making crap up and pissing people off to win. He is embarrassing himself and does not know it and embarrassing people who work for him and does not care. He will, as Jonah rightly notes, be an embarrassment for the GOP and used by the left to caricature conservatives. He also, for a former Chief Justice, doesn’t seem to know jack about the constitution.

Of course, I suspect Moore does know. He just does not care. Trumpism is a disease that corrupts all who acquire it and Moore seems willing to be corrupted.

So why do I want him elected?

Mo Brooks.

Republicans in Washington always have a way of rewriting history to help Mitch McConnell. McConnell, you see, grants grand access to various reporters who serve as his stenographers. They always tell his story, even if it is not the truth. I have seen this first hand having once had a TV appearance cancelled for the express reason of having written something critical of McConnell. He plays hardball, but it is a self interested hardball.

In Alabama, McConnell decided he needed to prop up Luther Strange. Strange is a corrupt former Alabama Attorney General whose appointment to the Senate came shortly after convincing the Alabama legislature to hold off impeaching the state’s corrupt governor. But Strange, despite a late in campaign life conversion to an anti-McConnell position, was a reliable McConnell vote and everyone knew it.

Mo Brooks was the most reasonable alternative to Strange and far less embarrassing than Moore. McConnell knew it and gambled that if his allies destroyed Brooks in the primary, they could finish off Moore in the runoff. So Strange, McConnell’s leadership PAC, and all the outside forces who back McConnell poured resources into Alabama to savage Mo Brooks. And once they were successful they declared that they would go so far as to find a challenger to Mo Brooks in the House.

The result?

Roy Moore curb stomped Luther Strange and is now the Republican nominee. This is typical of McConnell. Remember, the GOP came within two points of winning Colorado’s Senate senate in 2010, but the GOP nominee, Ken Buck, was backed by the Senate Conservatives Fund. So McConnell redirected money to California to help Carly Fiorina who lost by even more than Buck.

If Donald Trump is a symptom of a disease, Mitch McConnell is what the virus looks like under the microscope. Much of what ails the GOP right now is because of the repeated betrayals by McConnell and his apologists in conservative media blaming everyone else but him.

So now they get what they deserve — Roy Moore. They could have learned their lesson with Trump. But many of the very same people now horrified by the advance of Roy Moore were in bed with Trump to stop Ted Cruz.

If they won’t learn, they can and should have Moore. He is, if you will, the parental equivalent of catching your kid smoking then making your kid smoke a pack of cigarettes in one sitting to ensure they never do it again. If Senate Republicans will not finally do something about McConnell and if the conservative press in DC keeps rewriting history to protect him, I want even more Roy Moores.

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