I Assume Conservative Majority Fund is a Scam PAC

The Conservative Majority Fund just called me from (703) 454-0303 to tell me how awesome Donald Trump is and let me listen to a message from Donald Trump himself.

I assume the Conservative Majority Fund is a scam PAC.

In its February filing with the FEC it claims to be paying an outside group to support Ted Cruz.

Now it is raising money off of Donald Trump’s name.

But an Open Secrets report in 2014 showed the PAC raised a lot of money, but it spent hardly anything on candidates.

I wonder if all the retirees who gave the organization money in 2014 know that Conservative Majority Fund only contributed $10,000.00 to federal candidates in 2014. Additionally, according to Open Secrets, the Conservative Majority Fund only spent $15,000.00 on independent expenditures.

Much of its expenditures were spent on “solicitation calls”. I’m really damn tired of these outside groups using candidates, even guys like Trump who I don’t care for, to grow their bank accounts.

The guy behind this group is named Scott McKenzie and he has a well documented history of running conservative groups that raise lots and spend little on campaigns.

I won’t waste my money on this group.

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