I Blame You, Donald Trump, and David Brooks

The past year was, as I have written about, especially grueling and trying for me and my family. We saw protestors show up at our house. I very nearly died. My wife was diagnosed with a rare form of lung cancer. A lot of you had questions about it all. I had questions about it all. And it became very apparent that I should write something in case I keeled over dead without teaching my children various lessons or even explaining the whys and hows of 2016 to them.

I wrote about it in November and in more than a decade as a writer nothing I have written has gotten so much attention. It has been clicked on more than a million times since I wrote it. None of this would have probably happened but for Campaign 2016, including the clots in my lungs. And the book probably would not have happened except David Brooks read it and then wrote about it. An editor at Hachette Book Group read his column and called me.

So now, after a whirlwind writing experience, I have taken those thousand words and transformed them into a cookbook. Well, it is part lessons for my children, part religious, and heavy on cooking. Yes, my cinnamon roll recipe and gumbo recipe will be in the book. I get more requests to write a cookbook than anything else.

You can order at Amazon.com here.

You can order at Barnes and Nobel here.

You can order at Books-A-Million here.

You can order at IndieBound here.

The book will be released on October 3rd.

I really do have to thank you all. I would have never really committed to this project, but for you guys encouraging me to do it.

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