I Burned My GOP Delegate Card

I’m done with the GOP. Or rather, it’s done with me.

I haven’t changed my views, but the party that claims to represent me has. I’m pro-life–always. I believe that a woman’s choice means she chose to get pregnant so she gets to bring life into the world, not play God. Hit me with life of the mother and rape or incest, and I say, it’s still a sin to play God. If someone wants to challenge God on his job, let them, it’s between them and God.

But my party is always playing semantic and situational ethics hypothetical games with it. God doesn’t play semantic and hypothetical games. Either there’s life or there isn’t. Something is alive or it’s not. There’s no “you’re a person and you’re not” with God. He’s “no respecter of persons” and that means we’re all the same to Him. Loved and precious.

The GOP nominated a man who played with nominating his own sister to the Supreme Court. A woman who defended partial-birth abortion, where a baby is killed after it has been through the birth canal. That party doesn’t represent me.

I am pro-Israel. That’s because I believe God covenented with Abraham that he would possess the Holy Land “forever.” Now, again, there’s no definitional hypotheticals to “forever.” The entire Bible refers to Jerusalem, where the King would rule. When Jesus returns for His Kingdom, it will be to Jerusalem. When the New Jerusalem descends, it will occupy the space where the Holy Land–Israel–exists.

God’s prophets wrote that Israel would enjoy a rebirth. And after 2,700 years, Israel is now once again self-governing, not a province of a conquering power. As prophesied, they’ve made the desert bloom. They are rich, giving, big-hearted people who respond to disasters all over the world. And the world hates them.

The GOP nominated a man who considers being grand marshal of the New York City Israel parade to be evidence of his staunch support of God’s chosen people. A man who said he was going to be “a neutral guy” in negotiating an impossible settlement between Israel and groups that not only refuse to recognize its existence but actively fight for its destruction. That party doesn’t represent me.

I am a Christ-follower. I believe in God’s universal and inexhaustible grace. But I also believe in God’s sovereignty and Jesus Christ as the only way to Heaven. I believe in turning the other cheek, loving your enemies, and blessing those who curse you. I believe that showing this love and compassion is key to winning the world to Christ. That and humility, brokenness of spirit, and, above all, penitence.

The GOP nominated a man who doesn’t believe he needs to repent, because he’s never done anything wrong. The Bible calls that man a liar (the truth is not in him). Again, there’s no definitional hypothetical games here. God hates a haughty spirit, and he hates lies, because the devil is the father of lies.

The GOP nominated a man who would treat our friends as customers who need to pay up for our love and compassion, or they get none. Who would treat our enemies as subhuman, killing their families. Who would treat those who are here illegally as pawns–they’re deported–they can come back, who knows, as long as they dance to his tune. That party doesn’t represent me.

I am a businessman. I believe that win-win deals are the best deals. I believe that negotiating begins with understanding and valuing your negotiating partner, not taking advantage of them. I believe that global trade expands opportunities for everyone. I believe that there’s no zero-sum game with trade balances and that new jobs arise because the U.S. invents new technologies and entire industries, not by keeping the old ones prisoner.

I believe the free market is the best arbiter of winners and losers, not threats and leverage. I believe that nobody is too big to fail, and that the government should not confiscate private property for economic reasons.

The GOP nominated a man who bullies, strong-arms, and seduces business partners into making deals that benefit him but not his “partners.” A man who ran a casino (which is a cash machine) into the ground four times. A man who uses every trick to paper over bad deals and put lipstick on pigs. A man for whom winning is not just an obsession, but everyone else must also lose.

The GOP nominated a man who used government to try to take property for himself by eminent domain in New Jersey, who actually made a deal in Connecticut where property was condemned for commercial use. A man who supported the TARP buyouts.

That party does not represent me.

I value women. I was raised to be a gentleman, having one wife and not cheating on her. I have never called a woman a “pig.” I have never referred to a relative of mine in sexual terms. The GOP nominated a man who has done all those things. That party doesn’t represent me.

There are other items on my list, but I’ve covered the major ones here. The GOP has allowed itself to be hijacked and infected by a parasite. Maybe that parasite has rewritten the DNA of the party. That’s fine. Things change. Cancer corrupts.

I had a conversation with a retired Democratic senator recently. I asked him what he thought of his party now. He said “They’ve f***ed it all up.” That’s how many Democrats felt about their party since 2008, and why so many have changed parties or retired from Congress. That’s how I feel about the GOP right now.

I attended my local precinct delegate meeting earlier this year, and was voted in as a delegate to the district and state GOP convention. I didn’t make the district convention, but I had credentials to the state convention. I burned them. I will not be attending.

I don’t want to go to Cleveland and be part of a party that stands for basically nothing I believe in. I don’t want to participate in a sham where a platform is crafted using verbal games, semantic tricks and hypotheticals so a man who is unqualified in every possible way can run for the office of the leader of the free world with my blessing.

Donald Trump doesn’t have my blessing, along with two-thirds of the party which used to be mine. And the GOP no longer has my blessing as long as that man represents its hope for the future and the White House.

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Steve Berman

The old Steve cared about money, prestige, and power. Then Christ found me. All at once things changed. But the Holy Spirit produces this kind of fruit in our lives: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. There is no law against these things!

I spent 30 years in business. Now I write and edit. But mostly I love. I have a wife and 2 kids and a dog and we live in a little house in central Georgia.

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