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I Cannot Support the GOP’s Tax Reform Plan As It Stands

I am pro-life. I will not vote for a pro-abortion candidate. And it disgusts me that the GOP continues to fund Planned Parenthood. But they have decided to scrap the adoption tax credit from their tax reform plan.

Adoptions in this country are costly, bureaucratic affairs. Under current tax law, families can get a credit of up to $13,460 for the costs of adoption. It is a tremendous help to parents who want to bring orphaned children into their homes. I know many people who have tried to adopt. It is an emotional and costly process. The tax credit helps alleviate some of the cost, which in turn can help alleviate some of the emotional strain families suffer going through the process.

The GOP calls itself a pro-life party. But it continues to fund Planned Parenthood and now wants to kill the adoption tax credit.

I’d rather kill the tax reform plan.

This really is a hill to die on in the fight for tax reform and you should call on your member of congress to oppose this plan unless the adoption tax credit is restored.

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