I Cry Over This Family, and You Should Too

Biff Chaplow and Trystan Reese want to be loving parents. I truly believe that. I don’t think they physically mistreat the two children they care for (Biff’s sister’s), and I don’t believe they’ll purposely do anything harmful to the baby Trystan is due to deliver in July. You see, Trystan is a woman, who is convinced she’s a man, a gay man.

Trystan will be a good mother–err-father–I hope. I read about their story, published by NBC News, in a section called “NBC Out.” I was speechless and confused reading it, and then, me, a man who doesn’t cry at the drop of a hat, felt a tear forming.

I began thinking about the baby whose mother says she’s a gay man.

I began thinking of the other two beautiful children in that home who don’t understand the damage they are suffering.

And I cried. You should too.

It’s not a social construct or a learned behavior to look at a bearded man with a pregnancy bump and stare. It’s not the kind of homosexuality that’s been practiced for thousands of years. It’s not Sparta, where women were used to produce man-babies so they could feed the testosterone-fueled gay warrior culture.

This is more akin to Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World” than the NBC headline touting “accidental gay parents” somehow showing “there’s no one path to creating family.” They may as well “decant” the baby with no mother.

With all compassion, I feel for this family, but I cannot deny reality to give them their wish. NBC’s Kevin Truong, however, went there.

Eventually, the two men were successful in conceiving, though sadly their first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. After making the decision to keep trying, Chaplow and Reese were successful in conceiving again, and Reese is currently pregnant and is due this July.

The nonsense contained in that paragraph is impossible to penetrate. The birds and the bees are pretty clear here. A man and a woman conceived a baby in the normal way it’s always been done. Except the woman here has gone through hormone “therapy” to allow her to grow facial hair and larger muscles.

She still has a uterus and all the necessary working parts to conceive, carry, and birth a baby, which is impossible for a man. “The two men” is logically the same as calling my pregnant dog a camel.

I’m sure that will offend many in the transsexual community, but things are named in order that we know what they are.

For Reese, the attraction to Chaplow was immediate. “I’ve been a gay trans dude for like 14 years,” Reese explained. “I’m used to other trans men [asking], ‘Why would you transition to be a man only to be with another man?’ [I tell them] because ‘I’m gay, I’m not going to pretend to be straight.’”

A “gay trans dude” is, by definition, a woman with the appearance of a man, who is attracted to men. By definition, that’s not homosexual, it’s heterosexual. Again, words have meaning, even if  you stretch and twist those meanings into meaninglessness.

Biff and Trystan are in fact a heterosexual couple with two children, whose mother is pretending to be a man. No wonder other transsexual men question Trystan, because it’s simply nonsense.

The saddest part is the children. These kids are growing up being fed nonsense that’s objectively, empirically, observably, biologically, and scientifically false. They are getting to an age where they know it’s false. They are seeing their “father” carrying a child in “his” belly.

Apart from the fact that it’s somewhat unique and therefore likely to invite cruelty from other children, it’s ultimately damaging. Denise Shick, a child of a transgender parent, makes it painfully clear how these terrible twisted realities do to children. Her conclusion:

When one parent is both father and mother, the children cannot have a biological connection to two parents, the best scenario for meeting all the children’s needs. Sadly, in today’s culture, affirming adults’ choices is increasingly taking precedence over requiring or even encouraging adults to make sacrifices to benefit children.

This family is one in which both parents want to be the father, but one is most certainly the mother. A child whose mother rejects him is not going to fare well psychologically. A child whose mother denies “motherhood” by choosing to live as a man, it follows, will face similar problems.

Families have enough problems and hangups without adding this life-altering fiction to kids’ lives. If Trystan wants to “have a baby,” then let her be a mother and live as one. It’s a betrayal of motherhood (which is universal in the human experience), and to her own children to do otherwise.

I cry over this family because I can see how the adults are putting their own desires above those of their children. It’s better that they not have kids at all than to subject kids to that kind of upbringing, no matter how loving and well-intentioned the couple is.

We can only pray that God gives grace and mercy for them to come to their senses.

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