I Dare You

Kerry was asked to speak at the National Conference of Mayors. Unfortunately, a police picket line stood between Kerry and the mayors. What did Kerry do? He declined to speak to the nation’s mayors because he didn’t want to cross the picket line.


Kerry could have used the opportunity to place diplomat and negotiate between the City of Boston and the Police. But, because the striking group tends to endorse Republicans, Kerry decided to show his solidarity.

When Kerry next goes to France and the taxi workers are striking, do you really think Kerry will wait at the airport until the strike is resolved? I don’t think so.

Kerry is all show and no substance. This incident is just another reminder.

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  • You’re missing half, or I would say the real, story.

    This is the most brilliant political maneuver I have yet to see from Kerry’s corner. This isn’t about the Boston strike at all. This is about the potential of a strike of the GOP convention (a media-workers’ union is mad at CNN for firing a bunch of workers, rehiring some of them, then refusing to recognize the union. As a negotiating tactic, they are threatening picket lines at the GOP convention in New York.)

    Kerry’s refusal is probably a calculated maneuver to set up the ability to run ads with the following message: “Kerry refused to cross the picket line in Boston, but Bush willingly crossed the line in New York: If you’re a union backer, vote Kerry.”

    Here are my two posts on the subject, one before Kerry’s move and one after: before and after.

    Like I said, this is the best political move Kerry’s team has made yet. If it plays out, Kerry wins the labor vote hands down.