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“I want to not be sexually harassed by Bill O’Reilly if I can get $32 million for it not happening.”

I have a policy that I have maintained since my time at RedState. This is a site that is directly connected with me, but there are more writers than me. They each have an opinion that is not the same as mine and they are absolutely entitled to say whatever they want to say whether I agree with it or not. Rarely does this site take a position on anything. The only major rule for front page writers is that they all must be pro-life. That is non-negotiable in my mind because it directly correlates to one’s world view.

I have to say, though, that I don’t think we need to give Bill O’Reilly a chance to explain. I have largely avoided this issue given Fox is my employer and even though O’Reilly is not there any more, I really abhor talking about anything related in any way to anything related to my employer. When I was at CNN, if I strongly disagreed with anything, I kept my mouth shut and only spoke privately and internally. Same here.

But since O’Reilly is not there and I really do disagree on this point with Steve, I want to say something.

There are lots and lots of people who can say lots and lots of things about people that are not harassment or abuse and in a hypersensitive world people still make the accusations. “Oh, he looked at me funny,” or “he touched my hand as I was handing him papers” or you name it. But those instances do not cost a business millions of dollars in defense of the accused’s conduct. Lawyers fight those things. We see several of these fights ongoing.

In this case we had a pattern of behavior that led to several settlements and now there is a new one that fits consistently with that pattern of behavior. The truth is a real defense here and if there was no settlement and no harassment, a targeted lawsuit at the Times for reporting it would do the trick. But that’s not happening.

What about Dan Rather? What about others? What about the facts of this case is the only what about we need delve into. I want to not be sexually harassed by Bill O’Reilly if I can get $32 million for it not happening.

I’m sorry, but I just get tired of my side defending people who have shown no remorse ever for patterns of behavior that then make it harder for us to defend good people and expose bad people.

I don’t think we owe O’Reilly anything.

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