I Forget Sometimes

I forget sometimes that I should not, perhaps, be as open on here now as I might once could have been. Sometimes you realize that not everyone sends kind notes of prayer, but prefer to send well wishes for your and your family’s early demise.

No change today, thus far. It is a better day. We’ll find out more tomorrow and I’ll be sure to put up an update if we know anything.

PS – Cindy Sheehan is still a media whore and no I will not apologize for saying that.

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  • Please know that I awakened all through the last several nights during the early morning hours with Christy’s name on my lips in prayer, knowing that God, the Great Physician, can work a miracle and completely heal Christy. Let me know if anything can be done.

    P.S. I agree with you regarding Cindy Sheehan. She needs to get a life!