I, Horatius

I, with two more to help me, will hold the foe in play.
In yon strait path a thousand may well be stopped by three.
Now who will stand on either hand and keep the bridge with me?

Horatius, along with Spurius Lartius and Herminius, held Sexus and his thousands of Etruscans at bay so Rome could be saved. Lately, President Bush must be feeling much like Lars Porsena waiting for some Horatius.

I wholly disagree with the Harriet Miers nomination. I think it has proven to be a disaster. I think her appearance before the judiciary committee will be ill fated. And I think if she gets on the Supreme Court of the United States, we will be disappointed except on the life issue. But, Harriet Miers is not my single issue. President Bush has more often than not been on my side.

On the other side of the bridge are the hoards of Democrats and media intent on bringing down the presidency of George W. Bush. They have criminalized the political through the nonsensical grand jury investigating Valerie Plame. They have hurled charges of racism and discrimination at the President for the incompetence of the State of Louisiana in preparing for and dealing with Katrina. They have attacked and attacked and attacked the President, his administration, the Republicans in Congress, and the supporters of them both.

Miers may be a disappointment, but I will not give up on the President and the Republican party, the latter of which is still the best vehicle for conservative movement in the political process. I will continue to support the President in Iraq. I will continue to support the President’s handling of the economy. I will continue to support the party. I do not expect the GOP to listen to me all the time. I do expect to be plenty disappointed from time to time. But I will not stay home next year.

I will fight to make sure the party of Howard Dean stays in the minority. I will fight to make sure the GOP elects conservatives, but I will not abandon them if some in the GOP are not like me. So, when we have men like this who need to be dealt with, a war in Iraq, and an energy crisis needing free market solutions, who will stand on either hand and keep the bridge with me?

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  • I say we work on getting the conservative back into the Republican Party, starting with Georgia. I just received an email from someone that stated that “the Republicans have only proven that they are better Democrats than the old Democrats.” And if that means, putting up good candidates to challenge incumbents, then so be it!

  • Just hang in there Republicans! All of this bad stuff will pass. Happy anniversary Eric and wife, and keep on enjoying that little baby girl. You better get busy on more kids, and catch up with the family from Arkansas-16 children so far! We need more Republicans!

  • I will stand with you. However, I am not sure I understand the President’s stand on the economy or the war on Iraq.

    This deficit and all the spending has to cease. Free market economics should include the concepts of debt restraint, fiscal management, and controlled spending. Last I checked, the above terms are “conservative” economic terms. Somehow, we’ve got a liberal like Clinton succeeding in a balanced budget and deficit reduction, yet us conservatives have managed to not be so conservative in the economics department lately. This needs to change.

    As for Iraq, I do not see how one can come to the conclusion that going to war unilaterally without a legitimate threat comports with Christian morality. I can see defending ourselves, but I have never been convinced that invasion of Iraq and all this killing has been defensive. Waste of life, money and time – not conservative in my opinion. The Pope said “don’t go to war.” That’s a bad omen.

    I feel that Bush has made some mistakes and has done things I don’t agree with.

    I have gripes with those whom I employee, but I don’t fire them until they prove that they just can’t do the job or they can’t abide by the rules. Conservativism has not reached that point yet. Far from it. I am conservative, because it is more practical, fair, and (in most cases) more moral. If it proves otherwise, that is when I look elsewhere.

    But, despite my problems with the current administration, hell will freeze over before I will vote for anyone similar to Howard Dean to run this country or even my local government for that matter.

    Erick probably doesn’t agree with me in the above. But, I appreciate that he’s not a member of the Conservative cattle endorsing everything Bush says and does. This is why I read his stuff and why I feel free to give my two cents. Disagreeing with Bush does not mean one disagrees with being a Conservative.

    Erick, I hope Erick you’re wrong about Harriet Miers. I desperately do not want to add another Bush failure to my list. I am trusting him so far, but time will tell.

  • Dear Volper,

    I have a link that you can check out that is a blog by miliarty members called Fried Baloney. The members that write have been to Iraq, and they know what the media does not tell us about the war on terror. My son works at Camp Lejeune in NC, and just talked to some of his friends that returned from Iraq recently, and the war on terror is a success, but you are not getting that on television or in print.

    With all due respect, I do not like to bash a religion but I do not trust the Pope to be an expert on war. The Pope needs to take care of what is going on within the Catholic House, not speaking out about a war (if you get my drift).

    Trust the military that is not sitting back in the comforts of air conditioned offices and homes, driving around in gas guzzling vehicles and enjoying a nice dinner at a favorite restaurant. Trust the guys that make it safe for us to sleep at night.

    Here is the blog, I referenced. I know the big picture about the war on terror because I have a son that lost a best friend in Iraq (we know the cost of war more than anyone on this blog).